Workshop with Andrew Perez

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Essentials of Fight Choreography with Andrew Perez
February 26th – Sign up now!
In this workshop we will not only cover the basics of how to handle stage violence safely, effectively, and dramatically, but we will also work through communication strategies that will help keep you safe when challenges arise during rehearsal and on stage.
Falls, slaps, punches, kicks, rolls, stabbings, and all sorts of violence come up in the theatre and on set. While, in an ideal world, your fight choreographer or stunt coordinator will advocate for you and your safety, ensure your comprehension of and capability to perform whatever moves are asked of you, and be a go-between to the director, producers, and other actors, many of these vital elements often fall by the wayside, so it is frequently up to the actor her or himself to be their own advocate to stay safe while creating the picture of violence needed for the scene.
By the end of this workshop, you will not only have an understanding of some of the most frequently-needed stage combat maneuvers and their safe, effective execution, but you will also have the basic knowledge and the confidence you need to advocate for yourself when asked to perform something that’s dangerous, beyond your physical capabilities, or with a partner who does not hold your (or their own) safety as their top priority. Please come prepared with water, a snack if you like, comfortable clothes that you can move freely in (avoid excessive zippers, snaps, buttons, or velcro), and knee/elbow pads if you want (I’ll be wearing mine).

Class will be Monday February 26th 7-10pm.
Cost is $50. Cash only.
email to reserve a spot or to ask any questions.
Teacher Bio: Perez is an AEA actor and SAFD-trained fight choreographer currently in and choreographing fights for Sacramento Theatre Company’s Macbeth. STUNT AND FIGHT COORDINATION FOR FILM: Twelfth Night (feature, Hollywood Shakespeare), The Real Hunted of Los Angeles (web short). STUNTS: I (Almost) Got Away With It (TLC), Answered Prayers (TLC), Syndicate Smashers (feature). FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY: Rose and the Rime (Sacred Fools), Sisters Three (Inkwell Theatre), Othello, Macbeth, & Hamlet (Arabian Shakespeare Festival), Ragtime (3D Theatricals), Romeo and Juliet (Sacramento Theatre Company), Generation ME! (Flying Monkey Productions; Winner of Best Musical at NY Fringe 2017), Three Musketeers (B Street Theatre), Angels in America, King Lear, & Taming of the Shrew (The Alternative Arts Collective), Merrily We Roll Along (New Helvetia Theatre). Video, photos and more at
Big Idea Theatre
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Sacramento, CA 95823