Theatre by the Book – Miner’s Foundry – March 11- NEW

By Keith Bunin
Directed by Jonathan Hansard
with Daniel King, Michaela King, Lois Masten and Trevor Wade
Winston, a young painter, shares an apartment with Jamie, the son of a prominent art dealer. When Jamie’s father dies and leaves him nothing in his will, Jamie falls into despair and neither Winston nor Jamie’s girlfriend, Amelia, can do anything to help him. But then Jamie has a brilliant idea: He convinces Tess, one of his father’s richest, most important collectors, that his father left him an original and extremely rare painting by a little-known French master Jean Paul Credeaux. Jamie talks Winston into creating this painting with Amelia as the model. The relationships between the three begin to shift as their needs and desires become more evident. Once the painting is completed, and Tess enters their lives, everything comes out in the open, and no one escapes unscathed-the damage is tragically done.
Admission to Theater by the Book is FREE, with a suggested donation of $10. Most audience members make a donation at the door. Advance tickets are available through the Miners Foundry.