Sutter Street Theater Auditions

You Can’t Take It With You
by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart
Directed by Allen Schmeltz
Audition Date & Time: Sunday, June 6 at 7:00pm at the Sutter Street Theatre Annex, 710 Figueroa Street, Folsom.
Performances: July 16 through August 1 Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 and Sundays at 4:00pm with the possibility of added Thursday evening performances.
Rehearsals: Monday through Thursday Evenings, June 14 – July 15
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please bring a head shot and resume if you have them.
For further information or questions email Allen Schmeltz at or call (916) 353-1001.
Play Summary: You Can’t Take It with You relates the humorous encounter between a conservative family and the crazy household of Grandpa Martin Vanderhof. Grandpa’s family of idiosyncratic individualists amuse with their energetic physical antics and inspire with their wholehearted pursuit of happiness. Kaufman and Hart fill the stage with chaotic activity from beginning to end. Critics have admired the witty one-liners, the visual theatricalism, and the balanced construction of the play’s three acts.
Ed Carmichael – Essie’s husband, a “nondescript young man” in his 30’s. A musician and composer, likes to play the xylophone.
Essie Carmichael – Mrs. Sycamore’s eldest daughter, 29 year old aspiring ballerina, she dances her way through the play.
Mr. De Pinna – middle-aged little man with a serious manner. He arrived at the Vandehof residence eight years ago to deliver ice and ended up moving in.
Donald – Rheba’s boyfriend, African American, cheerful and at ease with the household. 30’s to 40’s.
Grand Duchess Olga Katrina – A Russian friend of Kolenkov’s who has fallen on hard times following the Communist Revolution in Russia. She is now a waitress and has a talent for making blintzes.
Henderson – The IRS agent who comes to collect twenty-two years of back income taxes from Grandpa.
Anthony Kirby, Sr. – Vice President of Kirby Industries, his father’s business.  A very nice young man who has recently attended Yale and Harvard. He has fallen in love with Alice Sycamore.
Anthony Kirby, Sr. – Middle-aged. A successful Wall Street businessman. A traditional authority figure, conservative and repressed. He has perpetual indigestion and he thinks “lust is not a human emotion.”
Miriam Kirby – Tony’s mother. Middle-aged and is the conservative female equivalent of her businessman husband.
Boris Kolenkhov (ko-len-kawv) – Essie’s dance instructor. An enormous, hairy, loud Russian. A stereotypically-depicted comic character, he contributes to the chaotic activity in the Vanderhof-Sycamore home. He usually arrives just in time for meals.
Rheba – African American. The family’s efficient, practical and adaptable maid. In her 30’s. She emerges as a distinct individual, speaking her mind and holding her own within the eccentric household.
Alice Sycamore – (Precast).
Paul Sycamore – Penny’s husband. Mid-fifties. Quite, charming and mild mannered even when the firecrackers he makes in the basement with Mr. De Pinna unexpectedly explode. He has a youthful kind of air.
Grandpa Vanderhof – (precast)
Penelope Vanderhof Sycamore – Grandpa’s daughter. An endearing woman in her fifties who loves nothing more than writing plays. Eccentric and charmingly blunt.
Gay Wellington – An actress, nymphomaniac and a terrible souse. She comes to the Sycamore house to discuss a script with Penny but then passes out on the couch. She occasionally wakens just in time to contribute to the chaos.
FBI Agents – Need two to three