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The SARTA Script Library is a useful resource for SARTA members and member theatres. Actors now have the ability to check out scripts and familiarize themselves with a play before an audition, and theatre owners and directors can peruse the library for possible productions.

Checkout Instructions

Please review the available scripts listed below. The list of scripts is searchable and sortable by title, author or genre. If you wish to check out a book, please email your selections including AUTHOR and TITLE to the SARTA office at SARTA will contact you to schedule a time for you to pick up the scripts at the SARTA office. The deposit fee is $5.00 and you can check out up to five (5) scripts for thirty (30) days. When you are finished with the scripts, e-mail the office so we can schedule a drop off time. Once your scripts are returned, the deposit will be returned to you.

***Remember, scripts kept over 30 days will cause your entire deposit to be forfeited.***

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Children’s Plays

Script Library - Children's Plays
Script Library - Children's Plays
Title Author
A Tale Of Two Cities Charles Dickens
A Quest For Young Arthur Jerry L. Twedt
Androcles and the Lion Aurand Harris
Aesop's Fables Ed Graczyk
Alice In Wonderland Alice Gerstenberg
Alice In Wonderland Anne Coulter Martens
Alice In Wonderland Mila Johansen
The Bad Children Shirley Jackson
Beauty and the Beast Nora Macalvay
Beauty and the Beast Mila Johansen
Beanie and The Bamboozling Book Machine Bob May, Roy C. Booth, Christopher Tibbits
Brer Rabbit's Big Secret R. Eugene Jackson
The Cactus Wildcat James S. Waltertein
Christopher Columbus, His Story Lewis Hardee
Captives of the Dog Star Lane Riosley
Christmas At Home Joseph Hayes
Cinderella of Loreland France Homer
Circus Boy Patricia Barry Rumble
Dolls Jerome McDonough
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood
The Enchanted Attic Woosley
Finger Plays Emilie Poulsson
Firebird Roberts Blank
Flibberty Gibbet Charlotte Chorpenning, Nora Tully MacAlway
Iolanthe Miriam Jessie Butler
Krazy Kamp Tim Kelly
My Friend The Fox William Glennon
Miccoabbus and the Bear Robert Vincent Pierik
Niccolo and Nicollette Alan Cullen
Not So Grim Fairy Tales Patricia Montley
Oliver Twist Muriel Browne
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater Martha B. King
Pinkie and the Tin Burgler Helen M. Roberts
Plays: The Drama Magazine for Young People (1992 Misc. Plays)
Punch and Judy Aurand Harris
Rip Van Wrinkle Charlotte Chorpenning
Sacramento Fifty Miles Eleanor Holmes, Ray Holmes
Simple Simon Aurand Harris
Snow White Samuel French
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Jessie Braham White
Summer in Hannibal Mila Johansen
The Boy Who Talked To Whales Webster Smalley
The Cactus Wildcat Samuel French
The Christmas Nightingale Phyllis Newman Graff
The Circus Conspiriacy Gil Gilberg
The Commedia Pinocchio Lane Riosley
The Flying Prince Aurand Harris
The Golden Sandals Ellen Stuart
The Giant Cross-Country Race Alan Broadhurst
The Griffin and The Minor Canon Vern Adix
The Hide and Seek Odyssey of Madaline Gimple Frank Gagliano
The Indian Captive Charlotte B. Chorpenning
The Jungle Book Darryl Stines, Mila Johansen
The Little Mermaid Mila Johansen
The Magic Flute Mila Johansen
The Magical Pied Piper Richard Kelvin, Pauline Kelvin
The Marvelous Land of Oz Adele Thane
The Mikado Miriam Jessie Butler
The Nickel Charles Webb
the Ozard of Wiz Mila Johansen
The Prince and The Pauper Mila Johansen
The Shoemaker's Wife David Thompson
The Snow Queen Suria Magito, Ruldolf Weil
The Tingalary Bird Mary Melwood
The Fairy Godmothers Jerry L. Twedt
Winnie The Pooh A.A. Milne

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