Nakamoto Productions July 2021 Newsletter

“Home Studio Recording Basics”
Saturday, July 31 – 10am to 12noon
Join us for another informative session on the basics of home studio recording. Lead by Sacramento voiceover talent, Luis Garcia. We’ll discuss the essential gear needed to begin recording at home. Learn the fundamental principles of recording techniques and the basic equipment needed to produce broadcast-quality audio for auditions and paid work. Creating an efficient and professional home studio is necessary beyond the post-pandemic work environment. This session will provide you with the information you need to create that environment in your home.
Learn about:
·     The basic equipment needed to record at home
·     Acoustic Treatments
·     Microphones
·     Recording Software – from Audacity to ProTools
·     Basic Editing Techniques
·     File Management
Luis Garcia is one of Northern California’s most sought-after Spanish voiceover actors and two-time winner of the prestigious SOVA Award for SpanishVO. His 25-plus year broadcasting experience includes on-and-offcamera productions as well as creative direction for various advertisement campaigns.   Additional experience includes directing and producing Spanish language content. His flexible voice style allows for a wide variety of roles including hard/soft sell, political, educational, narrative, and special characters.
Television and Radio
Luis has been an on-air personality in both television and radio. Behind the microphone he has hosted daily radio programs and covered news and sporting events. For five years he was the Spanish radio color commentator for the Sacramento Kings. He produced the nationally syndicated Spanish radio talk show “Opinion Latina,” which aired in 13 cities. In front of the camera, he has reached the Spanish speaking community as a news/sports anchor and reporter. In addition, he conducted the local community affairs program “Sabor Latino,”(KUVS Univision 19 Sacramento) a program focusing on Hispanic culture, issues and entertainment and is a recognizable figure in his community.
Producer/VO Coach
Luis has taught VO workshops and classes ranging from introductory courses to business practices since 2006. His voice coaching experience includes working with children and adults. As a voiceover producer he has experience in audio/video production and editing, copywriting, Spanish interpreting and translating and cultural consulting. He’s also produced dozens of VO talent demos for professional and beginning talent.
Luis has voiced and appeared in thousands of radio and television commercials, both nationally and internationally. He has created recognizable Spanish and English voices for Telemundo, Harrah’s/Harvey’s Casinos, Toyota, McDonald’s, Caltrans, Hispanic Magazine, SMUD, and many others.
WHEN: SATURDAY, JULY 31st, 10am-Noon
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 COST:   $25 PayPal to:
 First and Foremost, I would like to say that Coach Ray’s Killer Demo he produced for me has been instrumental in my VO Career!
I often refer those who are interested in starting a career in Voice-Over to Ray.
His skill and ability to craft a Demo that best suits your voice and niche is incredible!
4-years ago, I had the pleasure of having Ray produce my 1st and only demo and the feedback was so impressive!
Many voice seekers thought the reads were actual VO’s that were being played on both Radio and T.V.
However, most importantly, with Coach’s Marketing Info…. I was able to establish great working relationships from some of the most notable companies in the country.
If you haven’t done so please book your Consultation and Demo today!!
Coach Ray’s rates are competitive and affordable..
Good Luck!!
Have you heard? Audio Books have taken over the VO industry!
If you are an excellent sight reader with interpretive skills, this is great news for you!
We thank all of you for attending our Zoom “How to Start a Career in Audio Book Narration” workshop hosted by SARTA.
 Our instructor, Adrienne Ellis, conducted an outstanding informative workshop!
And now… you can reap the benefits! is looking for readers for their backlog of audio books.
If you win an audition, you can either be paid by the finished hour,
or split the royalties with the author.
Unlike Pay2Play sites like Voice123 and, which can be
about $399-$499 for a yearly premium membership… Is Free to Join!
AND—It’s so much easier to win jobs on ACX than Pay2Play sites due to supply and demand.
Here’s the Clincher: If you do a demo with me, Coach Ray, I will give you as a Free Bonus– :90 Narration, a $500 value, that you can upload onto ACX and start auditioning immediately!
You can choose Fiction: Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction Children’s Stories or “HOW TO” instructional narrations, Documentaries, Technical scripts, Biographies and on and on.
How to get started: Take the Evaluation/Consultation to assess your reading ability. If you pass, you qualify for a Killer Demo Discount of $250 off the 2020 Demo price and— the Bonus $500 value Narration that you can upload onto
You will also receive $100 off VOICES.COM’S premium membership
And—a Rehearsal Session to ensure a Pro performance for your final session
If you would like to take the Evaluation/Consultation, email me at: for more information! The cost is $95.
Due to the resurgence of COVID-19. we are resuming our EVALUATION/CONSULATIONS via FaceTime or Skype. I want to keep both of us SAFE!!!
During the Consultation portion of the lesson, I will explain the voice-over industry as it is today and answer all of your questions. During the Evaluation portion, I will assess your chances of success in VO. The cost: $95
 If you’re interested please email me:
 Here’s the Best Part:
 You can start Voice-Over training and making that transition now— while holding on to your current job!
 When you start making money in Voice-Over work you can complete the transition and QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!!!
And — STAY SAFE working from HOME!
The Evaluation/Consultation is very comprehensive!
Coach Ray will explain the Voice-Over Industry of today/
What equipment you will need/ Training/ How to get VO jobs/
Listen to VO Demos/Answers to any and all questions/
And most Importantly:
 If we’ve finished writing your Killer Demo and you’re chomping at the bit to record…
We will be in separate rooms. You in the Record Booth… I, Coach Ray, will be in the Control room. TOTALLY SAFE!
Interested? Please email me: and let’s get you scheduled.
Once your Killer Demo is completed,
You can join and
Here are our most popular Voice-Over topics now available
In Affordable Private Lessons: $75/hr versus sky high Bay Area Rates! Individual Instructor Bios at:
Instructor: Brett Beauchamp Russell
916- 869-9698
Private Lessons:
Audacity 101 & 201
How to Build your Home Studio
How to Audition
Instructor: Adrienne Ellis
Private Lessons:
Developing your Signature Voice for your Killer Demo
Character Development for Animation
Audio Book Narration
How to Audition
Basic Acting for Voice-Over
Instructor: Luis Garcia
Private Lessons:
Introduction to Voice-Over
The Business of VO
Recording & Editing
Branding & Marketing
Pay-to-Play sites
Instructor: Rob Jellison
Private Lessons:
Script analysis
Adobe Audition editing
Delivering auditions (from start to finish)
Pay to Play strategies for winning auditions
Instructor: Ed Gyles Jr.
Private Lessons:
Movie Trailer and Air Support
Animation Character Development
Dialects for Dummies
How to Audition
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