MTC Acting Classes Collaborative Theatremaking

Youth ActinYg Classes at MTC!
In this class, students will learn the techniques of acting and improvisation. Students will get a basic understanding of improvisational theatre concepts, such as story building, environmental awareness, saying “yes,” and making and accepting dramatic offers. Student will work with and learn the importance of direction, blocking, and stage presence, facial expression and vocal technique. Skills will be learned through script reading, improv dialog, and movement as well as games, script creation and performance. Students will then use what they have learned to create a series of scenes centered around a chosen theme. The class will¬† culminate in a performance each semester of the students’ work. Through the process, students will gain the skills of communication, critical thinking, risk-taking, and teamwork, all of which are important to any actor on the stage and in everyday life.
Ages 8-18
Thursdays at 4:30pm
1 hr.
Beginning February 1, 2018
Instructor: Jennifer Coffey
To register, please call McLaughlin Studios at 916-652-6377!
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