Auditions – Almost Maine

December 9, 2019

December 9, 2019

6:00 pm To 9:00 pm

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Auditions for Almost, Maine, by John Cariani are announced for 
Sunday, December 8 at 6:00 pm at Chautauqua Playhouse, 5325 Engle Road in the La Sierra Community Center in Carmichael.
Callbacks only are on Monday, December 9 at 6:00 pm at Chautauqua Playhouse.
Directed by Bill Zarriello
Almost, Maine is a play in two acts, and refers to an imagined town in Northern Maine, named Almost, that the playwright, John Cariani, writes, “doesn’t quite exist”. It is an ensemble play about 9 different couples in various stages of falling in or out of love.
I plan to cast 3 male and 3 female actors, and that each actor will play multiple roles, with different partners. Actors will also be incorporated into scene changes. Some roles do require kissing.
Rehearsals: Monday – Thursday evenings, (January 6 – January 30, 6:00 – 9:30-ish) with tech weekend, January 24 (night), 25 and 26 (afternoon and night).
Performances: Friday & Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees – January 31, 2020 – March 1, 2020 (Friday/Saturday evenings @ 8:00 pm, Sunday matinees at 2:00 pm)
Be prepared to list any conflicts you may have with that schedule at the audition.
Age Range: All characters should look a believable mid-20’s – late 30’s.
These characters are honest, ordinary, truthful, and speak from the heart…I am looking for real people, who exude realness and honesty in their voice and actions. The audience should relate to and/or recognize themselves in these characters.
Auditions will consist of readings from the sides provided below. Please look over and be familiar with all the sides thoroughly, as you may be reading more than one scene. It is not necessary, nor recommended, to be memorized.
To find link to sides, please go to website and click on the Auditions/classes tab.
The actor groupings, character names/descriptions, and scene breakdowns in Almost, Maine are provided in the table below as well.
Scene / Description
Male 1
PROLOGUE / INTERLOGUE / EPILOGUE – PETE and GINETTE, who have been dating for a little while. Due to how shy and awkward they both, the two are unable to communicate their love for one another. That is, until one of them decides to go the distance.
Female 1
Male 2
HER HEART – EAST, a calm, cool, collected repairman, and GLORY, a vulnerable, nervous, yet blunt hiker. Glory is hiking through Maine to find the perfect spot to see the northern lights and get over her late husband. East finds her setting up camp in his front yard.
Female 2
Male 3
SAD AND GLAD – JIMMY, a well-intentioned heating and cooling guy with a broken heart that stops him from good communication; SANDRINE, his ex-girlfriend who left him abruptly, sensitive and put together; and a salty WAITRESS, very excited and dedicated to her job. Jimmy is already having a sad night at the local bar when he runs into his ex, Sandrine.
Female 3
Female 1
Male 1
THIS HURTS – MARVALYN, a woman going through a rough patch in her current relationship, who is very good at protecting herself, and STEVE, an open, innocent, confused, kind fellow whose brother protects him, as he has a disorder that stops him from feeling pain. After meeting in the laundry room of Ma Dudley’s Boarding House, Marvalyn gives Steven some new ideas for lists Things That Can Hurt You and Things to Be Afraid Of.
Female 2
Male 2
GETTING IT BACK – GAYLE, impatient, passionate and frustrated, and LENDALL, understanding and collected, are longtime girlfriend and boyfriend. Gayle shows up at Lendall’s door in the middle of the night and demands that he return all the love she gave him.
Female 3
Male 2
THEY FELL – RANDY and CHAD, two down to earth “County boys.” As these two boys talk through the horrors of their most recent dates, they make an honest discovery: they’re actually in love with each other.
Male 3
Male 1
WHERE IT WENT – PHIL, a working man, and his hardworking wife, MARCI. Phil’s workload has been overwhelming lately, and on a hard-to-come-by, much needed night out, Marci draws his attention to all the things he’s missed.
Female 3
Male 2
STORY OF HOPE – HOPE, who has traveled the world, and a MAN, who has not. After leaving abruptly many years ago, hope shows up at her ex-boyfriend’s door expecting to get back together. Unfortunately, a lot has changed since she left Almost.
Female 1
Male 3
SEEING THE THING – RHONDA, a tough woman, hesitant to commit, and DAVE, the not-so-tough man who loves her. Rhonda and Dave have been “hanging out” a lot. One night, after a not-date of snowmobiling, Dave ends up giving Rhonda a present, which would be nice if she could figure out what it is.
Female 2
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