Emergency Casting! – Free Fall Stage

EMERGENCY CASTING for C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape
Directed by Deanne Farinha Eldridge
*        Rehearsals begin on June 19th.
*        Performs August 3rd thru the 20th (Thursdays thru Sundays) at Chautauqua Playhouse in Carmichael.
*        Mike Green – Primary role. Educated, but a bit naïve. Principled but weak. Must be able to carry both British, as well as cockney accent, in tandem. Male, Age 20’s to early 30’s.
*        Reverend Spike – Tertiary role. Highbrow Brit. Male Age 40’s to 60’s.
*        Mrs. Macadam – Secondary role. New money aristocrat. Strong but insecure. Age 40’s to 60’s.
*        Mrs. Green – Secondary role. Uncultured, fearful, a bit whiney but a heart of gold. Age 40’s to 60’s.
AUDITION DATES: By Appointment
Email info@freefallstage.com to register. Call (916) 207-5606 for questions. Fill out and bring Audition Form to audition appointment.
Based on one of C.S. Lewis’s most well-known novels, Screwtape is about a mid-level satanic bureaucrat, Screwtape, who is training a young demon, Wormwood, to lure his first soul, Mike Green (aka “The Patient”), into their “Father Below’s” pit. Mike has very recently become acquainted with Christianity, but is still ignorant of its meaning and authority, a fact which Wormwood and Screwtape take advantage of as they attempt to get him back to his old ways of life. The demons seek to trip Mike up by way of his overprotective mother, a new boss, a demon possessed co-worker, as well as a new love interest, who comes with her own temptress. All sorts of Hell breaks loose as the demons do anything and everything to pop their patient into the pit.
EMERGENCY CASTING for Murder Mystery Traveling Show!
Directed by Tana Aivaz Colburn
FreeFall Stage is currently auditioning for our Traveling Murder Mystery Production.
Our next traveling performance will be on July 23rd at Rome Valley Vineyards in Georgetown, CA.
Limited rehearsals, improv skills needed.
Stipends will be provided for this and all performances.
*        Johnny Angel: A dead teen heartthrob. Died in an auto wreck a few weeks before his high school graduation.
*        Darryl Valentine: Johnny’s friend and classmate. One of the “cool kids”
*        Betty Armstrong: Johnny’s steady girl. Head cheerleader. Has been in mourning since Johnny’s death.
*        Margot Silver: Ugly duckling valedictorian, now beautiful swan.
*        Violet Brewer: Young beautiful teacher.
*        Arnold Keller: The tough, but fair physics teacher.
*        Veronica Armstrong: Betty’s little sister, trying to get out from under her popular sister’s shadow.
*        Rick Terranova: A detective. [Possible the captain of the football team.] Optional character.
Auditions are by appointment.
Please email us at info@freefallstage.com (w/head-shot and resume) to schedule an appointment.