Elly Judge Training starts soon! Are you interested?

Do you marvel at musicals? Yell for Youth Theatre? Enjoy Education (High School) productions? Well, then SARTA has a great volunteer opportunity for you!!
Become an Elly judge! And you can watch community theatre ( with a friend) for an entire year FOR FREE in exchange for scoring each show.
Curious? Want more information? There is space available in Musicals, Education and Youth divisions. Elly judges need to commit to judging for 1 year – July 1 to June 30; must have reliable car; reliable computer and plenty of free weekends. Judges must not participate in any productions in the category they are judging. Mandatory training is provided in June.
You’ll drive all over the place and learn a ton about our awesome community theatre and up and coming actors, directors and designers!
Interested? Please fill out this form so that we may contact you.
To download the Elly Judge flyer, click here