Childrens’ acting classes at CalCap

Sacramento: CalCap Studios – Black Box Theatre located at 9845 Horn Road, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95827 is pleased to announce it will present a series of acting classes for adults and children. Information below.
To sign up for a class or for more information, please call 916-706-2000 or email
Children’s classes with Ricky Borba;
$250 per 8-week course.
Ricky Borba will spend six weeks with your student, teaching them a curriculum that was designed by Denver Casado who for over a decade author Denver Casado has worked as an arts educator with New York City’s leading theatre organizations including Disney Theatricals, New York City Center and Young Audiences New York.
‍What is film acting/theatre? Students explore how theatre is the art of telling stories through live acting.
Creating an Ensemble. Students learn to work together, build trust, and involved every member in a performance.
Movement and Space. Students explore how pantomime and behavior help tell a story.
Character Development. Students explore what makes characters unique and how to create compelling characters onstage.
Objectives and Tactics. Students will think about the “why” behind every action.
Voice. Students will understand the importance of articulation, projection, and voice variation.
Listening and Reacting. Students will understand how being present, listening, and reacting are an important part of being an actor.
Film/Stage Directions and Blocking. Students will understand the “principles of blocking” and how to stage a scene without instruction.
Students will also get:
A semester’s worth of cumulative lessons that will turn your kids into real-deal actors.
Notes on how to introduce basic acting concepts in a way kids will instantly understand.
Customized activities for both “younger” and “older” kids.
Tips and tools on easy ways to transition between activities and lessons.
Games relevant to kids today like the “Facebook Character Profile”.
Useful reflection and journaling exercises after every lesson.
A Sacramento resident for 11 years, having been born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ricky has been involved with film and television in one way or another, for the last 30 years. His feature‐film directorial debut, Hope for the Holidays, was filmed in the Sacramento area in 2018. The film brought together a cast of Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe-nominated talent. This was followed by a second feature film, My Brothers Crossing which received national theatre distribution. Ricky has also acted in numerous independent films, as well as hosted a nationally syndicated television show on the WB Network. In addition to directing, his other behind-the-camera talents include writing, producing, and editing. Ricky lives in Roseville with his wife and 5 children.