AUDITION: “Alice in Wonderland”

DMTC’s Young Performers Theater Announces Auditions
for All-Time Classic “Alice in Wonderland”
Davis Musical Theatre Company’s Young Performers Theater Division, announces auditions for its upcoming production of “Alice in Wonderland.” Jan Isaacson will direct and choreograph this Jim Eiler musical about Lewis Carroll’s unflappable young heroine, Alice, who takes a tumble down an enchanted rabbit hole to an off-kilter world of mock turtles, dancing flora, punctual rabbits, and mad tea parties. Playing Cards hold court and nothing is as it seems in this land where whimsy and wordplay are the order of the day. Will Alice be able to get find her footing in this bizarre place?! More importantly, will she ever figure out how to get home?!
Auditions will be held on Monday, July 19, 2021 and Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 4:30 pm at the Jean Henderson Performing Arts Center, 607 Pena Drive, Davis, CA, with selected call-backs on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. Auditions require singing, acting and dancing at the director’s discretion, and auditioneers must bring sheet music of a song they are prepared to sing (do not use a song from the show, please). A piano accompanist will be provided; no recorded music or a cappella singing.
The production offers many roles ages 7-17, plus 18 year-olds who are still high school seniors. Performance dates are September 25-October 17, 2021
Character Descriptions
Alice-(aged 11-18) Alice is inherently curious. The story follows her misadventures as she encounters the weird and wonderful characters of Wonderland. Alice appears in every scene of the show. She must have a strong singing voice and strong acting skills
Queen of Hearts-(aged 11-18) The Queen of Hearts commands the stage and everyone on it. She rules Wonderland. The role requires a strong, bold, actor and singer.
White Rabbit-The White Rabbit is a frazzled and excitable character. Must move very well. Sings.
Duchess-She is a surreal and conceited character. She can be abrupt at times. She must be a strong singer and actor.
King of Hearts-actor, sings
Mad Hatter-very strong comic actor or actress, sings
March Hare-very strong comic actor or actress, sings
Dormouse-very strong comic actor or actress, sings
French Mouse-strong comic actor or actress
Duck-strong comic actor or actress, singer
Lory-strong comic actor or actress, singer
Dodo-strong comic actor or actress, singer
Caterpillar-must sing very well, major solo number
Cheshire Cat-strong actor or actress, solo song
Tweedle Dee-comic song and dance team
Tweedle Dum-comic song and dance team
Gryphon-Dancer, Singer.
Mock Turtle-actor/actress
Flora-song and dance team
Dora-song and dance team
Except for Alice, White Rabbit, Duchess, all Act 1 parts are ensemble in Act 2 and Act 2 parts are ensemble in Act 1; including the Queen’s court, Rabbit Hole Dancers, 3 Doors & 1 table (very good harmony singers), Playing Cards, Oyster Puppeteers, The Knave of Hearts, Baby, Pan, Kettle, Sun and Moon