Actors Wanted for Local Film!

To whom it may concern:
Hello, my name is Jackson T. Collins and I am a student filmmaker at Franklin High School in Elk Grove. My partner, Jolina Vang, and I are currently working on a short film for a school project. We are looking for actors and were wondering if any actors would be interested in this opportunity.
As we are just high school students, this will not be a paid job. However, food will be provided and we believe this would be something the actor can add to their demo reel.
We currently have a first draft of the script that I can send you if you are interested.
From our very first draft of the script we are looking for four main actors:
– ARTHUR (age 40); an older man that went insane from the events he experienced as a child.
– WOMEN, (age 30); a psychiatrist assigned to help Arthur.
– Young ARTHUR (age 15); a young kid who experiences paranormal activity which leads to his mental health decline in his older years.
– MASON (age 17); Arthur’s brother whose innocents and playfulness leads to his downfall.
Again, as this is our first draft, this characters are subject to change.
Your actors can reach me by email ( or on instagram @jtc_films
Thank you and have a great day!
-Jackson T. Collins