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EMOTE CONTROL SAT, NOV. 10 2PM – 5PM Musicians have instruments, but actors only have their emotions. Improvisers often put pressure to come up with funny words and phrases. That is unnecessary and often damaging to a show. Rely on your emotions to connect with your scene partners and the… Read more »

Blacktop Comedy is soooooo excited to announce…. ….. Rollin’ and Riches are coming to Blacktop Comedy! They’re offering a weekend of special shows, and workshops! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity! ONE WEEKEND ONLY! For the next week, each class is only $40. After that the price jumps to $50 THOSE… Read more »

CULTURE OF TRUST SUN NOV. 11 2PM – 5PM Rollin’ In Riches has no form when they perform. They Yes And everything and a form emerges. In this workshop they will show you how to create a culture of trust, how to take Yes And to the next level, how… Read more »

Since it’s voting season, SARTA thought we’d get in on the excitement. We have created an opportunity for YOU – the theater-goer- to vote for your favorite actors, actresses and shows with our Fan Favorite Award. Each show is assigned a special web address and each theatre has printed cards… Read more »